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A 10 year old doing wonders in the game of Chess

Master Nehan Mehta

Master Nehan Mehta is just a 10 year old boy who has been doing wonders in the game of

chess since he was 7. He became an internationally rated player at the age of 8 and

surprisingly, he got this rating in his first chess tournament itself, which in itself is a great

achievement. Today, he has been holding ratings in all three formats of chess viz, Classical,

Rapid and Blitz.

Master Nehan Commendable Achievements

This ten year old boy who is doing miracles in the game of chess has won multiple chess

tournaments in which he has won over 45 trophies and 68 medals in just a short span of time.

Moreover, he represented India in the western Western Asian Championship in 2021, in which he held India's head high by securing 8th position in the Under-10 category. And at national level he stood 4th.

Recently, he played the Scacchi in paradiso Switzerland in April 2022 with players from different corners of the world like, Argentina, Spain, Denmark, France, Italy and Ukraine. There he played in two formats classical and Blitz and was awarded the best player U-16 in both.

Being blessed with a Supporting Family

Dr. Sanket Mehta (Father) and Dr. Manisha (Mother)

His parents, Dr. Sanket Mehta and Dr. Manisha constantly supports him and always motivate

him to make his game better. Being blessed with grandparents and great grandparents who are always around with their encouragement and support and plays a big role in his performance.

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