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Do Justice to your Brand to grow faster

Viiveck Verma

Purpose-driven advertising is about the expectations consumers can have of your brand, the narratives you weave by documenting the impact you have made and ultimately the relationship you consequently foster with your customer.

When a brand has a strong purpose, the consumer is four times more likely to purchase from it. This is the core concept of purpose-driven advertising which helps the brand to reach out to people and feed their needs through their products.

Consumers can't be reduced to people who merely but products but have to be acknowledged as vigilant citizens who want the world to be a better place. Consequently, what a brand stands for and how it defines itself plays an incontestably significant role in the chord it strikes with consumers.

All of these undoubtedly also have financial rewards in the end. Thus, in the era of a more alert citizenry and more conscious business efforts, purpose-driven advertising can be the instrumental step towards a more conscious market that drives progressive change.

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