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Early 2000's and currently

Back in the days, when people were not very busy and engrossed in their own world it was easier to be in contact with people, to have a little meet & greet with everyone, but in today's era we have forgotten how to live to the fullest the times have changed immensely.

Earlier after getting married the couple would do anything to protect their marriage but today its harder to get married and easier to get divorced.

50 years ago everyone in the neighbourhood was like a family but now a days people don't even know who stays next to them.

Before, people were eager to have kids, in the modern era we are scared to have kids. Maybe, back then people used to love to hang out but today here we are locked in our own world and imagination.

people tend to flex new, expensive, branded things around on the social media when in reality its just for social media and they have had a very hard time earning the product, in today's era people like to potray themselves rich whereas, back then people would show themselves as they're not that wealthy even if they are.

Things aren't the same and the modern world is too busy in their own world to give a damn about someone.

earlier folks would support the whole family and take them forward but if we fast forward to today, children tend to leave their families behind and head out in their own direction.

It is like a whole new ERA. Times have drastically changed it isn't the same as it was a 50 years ago.





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