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Deepak Tekchandani puts Nawab Malik's Ministry JT Director, Anil Jadhav in Jail.

Updated: May 28, 2022

Nawab malik's ministry's joint director Dr. anil Jadhav demanded Rs. 5,00,000 from Deepak Tekchandani.

Deepak Filed a case against Anil and with the help of ACB, Anil Jadhav was sentenced to Jail, at the same time, ACB conducted a Raid and collected assets worth 1.69 Crores.

Deepak Tekchandani sets a solid example for the society that the one, who is uncorrupted, will always find a way to punish the corrupt. It only takes courage to tackles such challenges but, Deepak Proved that the right always wins.

In an exclusive interview with Deepak, he claims to follow the footsteps of Narendra Modi in his Recent "Mann ki Baat" show. Deepak adds that being "Anti Corrupt" is one of the solid ways to build a strong country. Each and every Citizen must obey the government norms and pursue whatever they want in ethical ways.

Heroes like Deepak Tekchandani have proved that anything can be achieved in India by the right means.

Deepak also believes in helping those who are a victim of corruption. He is open to helping anyone, so wants to fight against corruption. To seek his help, one can simply reach out to him at

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