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How to deal when blackmailed for personal photos or videos

Here is a story of a girl, which will make you aware about this aspect!

There was a girl named Kavita who was in love with a boy named Ajay. Kavita always used to send personal photos and videos to her boyfriend Ajay, as she was in love with him. However, one day she realized that Ajay is not going to marry her, so she broke up with him.

Later on, Ajay started blackmailing Kavita that he will upload all the videos online. Kavita got threatened by him, she cried a lot and begged him not to do so. However, Ajay kept on coercing her. At last, Kavita decided to take her own life but her sister stopped her. Her sister asked her to call Ajay and this time record the call and ask him to stop. Kavita did the same, but Ajay again didn't listen.

Next day, police was standing outside Ajay's house to arrest him and a court case on him asking damages of 20 lakhs.

Look at the story carefully. What Kavita's sister did was, she sent the call recording to her lawyer uncle as a proof and made a case against Ajay in which she not asked for punishment but also claimed damages of 20 lakhs.

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