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Mumbai Police Commissioner's Take On Housing Committees

CP Mumbai, Sanjay Pandey Sir

CP Mumbai, Sanjay Pandey Sir with Deepak Tekchandani

In relation to the elevated number of disputes between a society's Managing Committee and its residents, the Mumbai Police Commissioner proposed to rethink the structure of housing committees and the extent of powers they enjoy. Sanjay Pandey addressed this issue during a YouTube live session on Wednesday evening.

According to Mr. Pandey, the Managing Committees have acquired a lot of power which have

resulted in multiple new cases of extortion or cheating under the Indian Penal Code. While the members of these committees are elected to ensure the smooth functioning of the society and the welfare of the residents, the number of rising cases speaks otherwise.

The Mumbai Police Commissioner also promulgated some common problems. There have been disputes over parking spaces, corruption, traffic, and nuisance of bikers at night. As a result, these disputes take an ugly turn and occasionally result in violence. Mr. Pandey makes an assumption that the number of such cases would only increase if the powers of Housing Committees are not administered.

Mentioning one example, the Mumbai Police Commissioner said that the committees aren't

always fair. He threw light on one such incident where the managing committee had pressured a tenant to pay maintenance charges even after he had just lost his job during the pandemic.

Nonetheless, Mr. Sanjay Pandey has assured that the police would never turn a deaf ear to

such cases. He's instructed that all police stations have been instructed to immediately register complaints.

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